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slinging juice and vibing high

We thrive off the high vibrations that come from fresh cold-pressed juices,
clean eats and raw energy. We’re here to connect, support and make positive
food choices readily available for our community.

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Made For You, Fresh, Every Morning

We make all of our cold-pressed juices daily. Every 8 ounce serving of juice is made from over 1 pound of fresh fruits and veggies. So they are super fresh, contain 5x more nutrients centrifugal juices and have a 3 day shelve life. FYI - once they are gone for the day they’re gone!

Soul Bowl - Signature Acai

Superfood Central

Our popular Signature Acai Soul Bowl is made from unsweetened acai berry, banana and delicious blueberries topped with Vermont made Back Roads Gluten Free Granola, bananas, strawberries, organic hemp seeds, organic pepita seeds then sprinkled with coconut and drizzled with raw honey.

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