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It’s time to celebrate the ladies in our lives and support career decision making.


Networking is for sure one of the lamest things we can think of. So, we thought it may be time to upgrade - or LEVEL UP, if you will. We’re bringing you the most fun you can have all while leveling up in your career and self-care #goals. This event will provide outfit staging, makeup touch-ups and hair finessin’ - all while serving up goods to make you glow from the inside out. The end result? Some of the most badass headshots the professional world has seen.

What You'll Get for the Price

• A killer headshot (usually priced at $200 and up!)
• Some yummy snacks provided by People’s Pressed
• Time to expand your network
• A rad little swag bag to take home

& so much more


saturday, april 27, 2019
from 11am - 3pm

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frequently asked questions



+ When I go to buy my ticket it says I need to select a date?

Since we primarily hustle juice our website is formatted accordingly. So when you’re prompted to pick a date when purchasing your ticket, you don’t actually have to. If for some reason the form won’t let you move on without selecting a date, just put in April 27th, 2019 and you should be all set.

+ What’s included in my ticket?

Depending on which ticket you buy, the perks are different and you can read more about them here and here. No matter which ticket you purchase whether it’s pre-sale, regular admission, or at the door you will be granted entry into the event for headshots, snacks and refreshments, and access to our networking lounge.

+ Do I have to pay for anything once I’m inside the event?

Nope! Once you’re inside everything is included in your ticket*. When purchasing a ticket online you will receive a follow-up email with a sign-up sheet to pick a time for hair, makeup, clothing/accessories, and headshot. If you purchase your ticket at the door, be aware that time slots will be limited, so we can’t make any guarantees on whether or not you will get any of the pre-event ticket sale perks. That is why we encourage that you purchase your ticket online.

+ What else will be going on at the event?

We’re so glad you asked. This isn’t a conveyor belt where you hop on, get glam, get your photo taken and we kick you out the door. This is a chance for you to level up in your career. There will be a lounge where you can meet other professionals and mingle as well as indulge in snacks and refreshments by your favs at People’s Pressed. Keep in mind this isn’t your average networking event. Plus a sweet little selfie station for you and your friends to take advantage of.


+ What do you mean when you say I can get my hair and makeup done?

The lovely ladies of The Beehive will be there doing quick hair and makeup touch-ups. This means a quick spritz of dry shampoo, maybe a little curl or straighten, a pop of lip color and a dash of highlighter. There won’t be time to give you guys full hair and makeup so make sure you come prepared. Each person will be given a 5-minute time slot for hair and a separate 5-minute time slot for makeup.

+ What if I get there and I feel like I need more brow gel or concealer?

No worries! We’ll also have stations for you guys to touch-up your own makeup and hair if you see yourself in the studio lighting and want to change something. The stations will only have a mirror with q-tips, tissues, and trash cans. So feel free to bring your own makeup bag and anything else you think you might need.

+ Woah, woah, woah - so you’re saying I get all of this AND a massage?

Yup, a dream come true. Remember when you used to have to wait in line at school and get your picture taken in front of your whole class and it was basically the worst part of the year? Yeah, we’re basically traumatized. Getting your photo taken is stressful af, so Awakenings Massage and Spa will be there to provide stress relief via shoulder rub, post-photo, and all those horrible grade school flashbacks will be forever erased from your memories.

Clothing & Accessories

+ Wait, so I can play dress up and get my photo taken?

Yeah, basically.

+ Do I get to keep the clothes?

Unfortunately, no. But since style is being provided by the oh-so-gracious Calico, you can always stop into their shop and purchase anything you see at the event!

+ So how exactly does this work?

You can head into the Calico booth at your allotted time and look around at what they have at the event (tops and accessories) and see if you would like to switch out anything you’re wearing for your upcoming photo op (there will be a changing booth, don’t worry). Once you get your photo taken we ask that you return the items back to the booth. Please beware that you might not find anything in the booth or something you like may not fit the right way, so you should be prepared for the photo regardless. After the photo, you will go directly back to the Calico booth to return the items you borrowed.


current partners


10% of ticket sales from Level Up will benefit the Women‘s Fund Tiara 5K