I did the cleanse today and I feel unbelievable! Wide awake, alert, happy, and not hungry for a second. I am so pleased.


Oh, what a feeling! I feel light, clean, energetic and just an overall healthy.


I LOVE People’s Pressed juice! It’s my go to cleanse system. Not only is their product always fresh, but delivered right to our doorstep! The hardest part is waiting for the delivery days to come around (no kale falling from our fridge or juicer to clean). We can’t wait for the storefront to open. My husband and I use the Golden Glow as a quick-fix, anti-inflammatory drink and are looking forward to being able to grab it on the go (not to mention the green drinks—also staples).


The juices are awesome! I did the 1 day cleanse and truly felt a difference the following days on my body, eating habits, and just feeling refreshed. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, my favorite was the witches brew! Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see the space Downtown!


Simple ingredients, perfectly combined for simply the best quality!


I've been drinking juices for a long time. If a fresh juice is on a menu, I'm ordering it. It makes me feel like I'm being healthy. When I tried People's Pressed though there was something different instead of "feeling like I was being healthy", my body felt healthy, it felt clean & my brain felt more alive. I've been getting 3 juices a week for a month now and I've actually given up coffee. GIVEN UP COFFEE PEOPLE! I could have never imagined not drinking coffee. I never even wanted to stop drinking it but the way I feel when I start my day with a juice is so much more productive and the energy is balanced. People's Pressed has been truly a life changer for me. I can't wait for the shop to open in downtown New Bedford.

- Devon