Make or Break: Celery Juice


Not sure what you’ve heard (good or bad) but we’ve heard some mixed reviews on this whole celery juice thing. We began selling it in the shop on the first of January and it’s been a huge success (thank you loyal customers), but we wanted to see for ourselves what the fuss was all about.

So we tried it. Each day two specific guidelines were followed, nothing more, nothing less. Below you will find a day-to-day round up of things that stood out to each participant. We took into consideration some things we had heard from both customers as well as the people of the internet (i.e. skin, mood, appetite, and energy levels).

The two dedicated wellness enthusiasts who investigate the trend are members of an elite squad known as the People’s Pressed team. These are their stories (dun, dun).

Team members, Amanda and Meg, started the cleanse the morning of Sunday, January 13th, and continued until Sunday, January 20th.

Amanda's Celery Juice

Amanda’s Take

I would totally recommend drinking celery juice on an empty stomach every morning to anyone that is trying (or struggling) to quit coffee, curb sugar cravings and get in that extra serving of veggies. Honestly, the hardest part about this was the first few days, it took me about 30 minutes to drink the entire juice, but by day three I was CHUGGING. Seriously, I would keg stand some celery juice if I could. By day three I was no longer reaching for a cup of coffee or a cupcake. Both my need for coffee and my sugar cravings were gone.

By day five, I noticed my skin was clearing up and my pores looked much smaller (maybe coincidence? maybe celery juice?). Another thing that stuck out to me was the crash that came at the end of the day. I’m not sure if it was from the lack of caffeine or the busyness of my schedule lately, but I definitely noticed a big difference. I'm currently on Day 11 and feelin' fine.

Amanda’s Take on Celery Juice

In conclusion…

Would I recommend this to a friend?: For sure, if you're looking to curb your sugar cravings and looking to kick your morning cup of joe.

Would you do it again?: I haven't stopped.

Difficulty level: Easy

Make or Break - What’s Your Take?: Make

Meg's Celery Juice Photo

Meg’s Take

Okay, so I didn’t love this cleanse but I’m not going to say I hated it. I did see a lot of benefits, but I’m also at a point in my life where the benefits I was seeing weren’t really changes I need to see.

Right now what I’ve been mostly focusing on for myself are skin and diet and if you look at the chart below my skin was suffering. But this is just me! I've spoken with a lot of people who have seen their skin clear up from celery juice.

The biggest pro however, was the energy I was receiving overall. I’m generally someone who has a lot of energy, so that wasn’t something I was seeking when I started the cleanse. As someone with high anxiety, coffee is a blessing and a curse. While I mainly drink it for the taste  (and the boost - who am I kidding?) it heightens my anxiety levels like crazy. When I was drinking the celery juice I was definitely drinking less coffee so my anxiety levels were lower to almost nonexistent. I think this factor alone would make me want to continue drinking celery juice every morning.

Meg’s take on Celery Juice

In conclusion…

Would I recommend this to a friend?: Yes, dependent on what results they are looking for.

Would I do it again?: Honestly, yeah.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Make or Break - What’s Your Take?: Make


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