Have you eveR tried
cold-pressed juice?

We believe juicing is the easiest way to incorporate large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables into your day. When we drink a colorful variety of juices, they supply our bodies with essential vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients that our everyday diets are lacking.

Improved digestion, increased energy levels, a boost in your immune system and a healthy metabolism are only a few of the infinite benefits of juicing. What’s more exciting is that regularly consuming fresh juice is naturally detoxifying and promotes healthier eating habits and a better well-being.

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What is cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed juice is the purest way of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. First, we gently grind our produce into pulp. After grinding the pulp, we place it between two stainless steel plates. The plates are pressed together applying one thousand pounds of pressure to the pulp. Then, we watch as vibrant colorful juice comes streaming out of the press and into your bottle.

This method allows us to provide you with 5x more nutrients than your typical at-home centrifugal and masticating juicers. Remember, your cold-pressed juice stays fresh for 3 days.

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What makes People's Pressed different?

We don't use fake sh*t. We thoughtfully source all of our juice ingredients and will never use added sugars. We keep it raw. We are here to provide our community with juice thats not only health, but will fuel your happiness and elevate your vibration.


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